Welcome to THC testing

Cannabis producers, growers, processors, consumers, vendors and retail markers – Want to know what your THC and other cannabinoid potency is in your marijuana or products containing marijuana?  Ever wonder what the composition of your marijuana blend is?

We’re making this test available, to perform on your own, called the Cannabis Testing Kit (CTK™).  This is a small portable kit that allows users to operate this test and get the results in a very short time period.

The kit uses a method called Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC).  This system has been validated and has shown consistent results if done correctly, while holding it’s own against other THC testing platforms (gas chromatograph and liquid chromatography). This test can detect THC concentrations above one percent.

Everything comes in this THC testing kit to successfully operate this test and obtain quick results.  You will be getting the cannabinoid percentages and composition of your marijuana or products containing marijuana in no time.

The testing process is not complicated or time consuming but there are some techniques and tricks that a THC class, with the right lab accessories, will facilitate in simplifying the process.

We will be offering this THC testing kit and lab accessories, along with classroom instructions at Clark College.

A THC testing kit can also be purchased.  The cost of doing the test per sample comes out to be only $6.50.  A very economic price.

We will also be willing to do private THC testing lessons or group lesson at your location.  Please contact us if you would like to make this arrangement.

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