List of different lab supplies that can be purchased  

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A small accurate scale that measures down to 10 mili-grams is necessary for weighing out 100mg of cannabis sample for the THC test.
Purchase a digital scale for $40.00


The digital microscope has a magnification range of 10-200x and is useful in visualizing any mold or fungus on the cannabis plant.  Pictures can be taken and sent directly to the computer via USB connection.

Purchase a digital microscope for $60.00


A variable pipette that measure 0.5 – 10.0 microliters is very useful during the THC test.  A sample measurement of 4ul will be used for the TLC plate.  This pipette also comes with 100 pipette tips.
Purchase a Variable Pipette for $100.00


Mini centrifuges are useful to spin down extracted samples where all the debris will stay at the bottom and just the liquid portion of the sample can be utilized.
Mini Centrifuges for $140.00-175.00
Mini Centrifuge


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