Micropaddles® are flexible paddles with microbe specific media on each side and are enclosed in a sterile vial. The paddles are ready to be use out of the box and do not require prep.

The Micropaddles® may be stored at room temperature. And have a longer shelf life than traditional petri dishes.

Microbial testing kits are specifically made for pre-screening cannabis batches and also for general contamination screening.  There is a video on how to do proper sample collection and inoculation of the Micropaddles®.  Also available is a technical document that gives detailed instructions on sample prep, temperature incubation and time parameters.  It also has colored illustrations of microbial growth that may be encountered.

Cannabis Microbial KitKit for microbial pre-screening of cannabis products.  An insert will be provided for instructions on how to properly collect the sample and put them onto the agar paddles.  These are available for $25/kit.  Each kit will come with two Micropaddles® and appropriate amount of sterile  liquid solution to mix the cannabis in prior to adding it on to the paddles.  The kit also comes with an instructional insert, sterile swabs and stick on labels so each paddle can be easily identified.


Microbial Kit 10 pakThis kit is for general area contamination screening.  If you suspect contamination coming from somewhere with in your growing area, this screening kit will assist in exposing where the possible contamination could be .  Whether it’s your water, soil or atmosphere.  If there is contamination, this kit will find it.   A four pack Micropaddle kit is available for $25.00.  A 10 pack Micropaddle kit is available for $50.00.  Each kit comes with NUT/RB Micropaddles, sterile swabs, instructional insert and  stick on labels.

DAQA insert cannabis-page-001Each kit will come with an insert for abbreviated instructions on the corresponding type of test being conducted.  Please download the technical document to receive thorough instructions on proper specimen handling and testing procedures.  Technical document also comes with illustrations of positive bacterial and fungal and mold growth.  These examples can be used to compare what they may be growing from the pictures on the technical document.  Confirmation of growth will need to be done at an actual certified lab.


DAQA insert card The insert for each kit

DAQA Microbial Test Kit Technical Document  The technical document for operate the microbial screening test.