Cannabis Test Kit™


Cannabis Test Kit™ is an affordable and simple test to perform.  It can accurately analyze cannabinoids that have a concentration greater than one percent.  Cannabis can be analyzed by producers and processors to improve and provide dependable results of the cannabis products that they are creating.  CTK™ can be utilized by producers and processors in both the recreational and medicinal markets as well as retail consumers. Sign up for THC classes if you would like instructions on how to use Cannabis Testing Kit™.


 For Producers and Processors

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Growers will be able to cultivate an assortment of different strains knowing the profile of their cannabis.  Pre screening the results of the cannabinoid percentages will allow producers the convenience of deciding which direction they want to go with their product.  They may want to sent off for further extractions or directly to the market.  Processors will also benefit by knowing which cannabinoid products they’ve obtained among the various extraction procedures. Some hemp growers want to make sure what they are growing contains THC levels below the threshold of detection.  This test can identify THC concentrations above one percent.


For Retail Markets:

Retailers can give information on the cannabinoid content of their merchandise if they choose to test their inventory.  They would be able to give better advice on what would be the right variety for their customer needs. We anticipate this kit will eventually be sold in retail markets so that consumers have more accessibility in testing their own products.



For Individual or Medicinal Growers


Whether you are growing medicinally or personally (still allowed in some states), you will be able to analyze your own plants and identify what chemotype strain is actually being grown along with revealing the potency of your product.  Collective garden growers can combine resources to acquire this kit to do testing themselves.  Each individual test is very low in cost.


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